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Call Java agent from lotus notes problem
amar ku das 12/07/2015 11:46 PM
Notes Client 7.0.3 Windows Vista

Hi All,

I have called one java agent from lotus notes agent to update price in a field , but when i called this agent it show in java debug option agent is run but in this lotus field price is not show may be field is not refresh i donot know what exact problem , can you help me her is my below code

dbfile$ = UIDoc.fieldgettext("OpsDb")
If dbfile$ ="" Then
dbfile$ = "Dolphin/live/TumOth.nsf"
End If
Set DOSdb = New NotesDatabase(db.server,dbfile$)
Set costagt = DOSdb.GetAgent("CalculateSegmentBookingCostPrice")
Call costagt.Run(BkgDoc.NoteID)
Call BKGDoc.ComputeWithForm( False, False )
If Cstr(currdoc.CP_TWB_1(0))="" Then
QuosRmk$= "Prices not found in QS"
End If

So my Problem is after java agent run in this "CP_TWB_1" price is not show

but if i run java agent only by view level by select document then it show price , can you tell what is the problem here.

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