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Set Internet Address - custom pattern syntax
Fabrice Papirnyk 04/05/2012 10:16 AM
Domino Administrator All Releases All Platforms

Because I could not find anywhere on the forums, nor in the admin Help, this is for reference.

You need to change or set the email Internet Address for a lot of users through the Administrator, BUT with a custom pattern.

You go select the person docs, choose the Action Tools "Set Internet Address".
In the dialog box, you choose "Use Custom Pattern" .
But what are the syntax for the pattern ? I could not find it.
So directly from Google out of an old R5 Help :

Abbreviation Meaning
F First name
L Last name
Fn First name, truncate at n characters
Ln Last name, truncate at n characters
M Middle initial
T Title
G Generational qualifier
I Employee ID
C Location
D Department
V Server
O Organizational Unit
S Use the existing Short name field
= Separator
_ Separator
% Separator



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