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sending invitation programmatically, creates duplicate entries of invitation
Nitin Chopra 11/20/2012 11:46 AM
Applications Development All Releases Windows Vista


I have used a code , which updates the location or time of the appointment,

After using save method ,when I use send method to inform the changes to invitees, it shows duplicate invitation for invitees on my calendar,

I am using following code

Dim item As NotesItem
ForAll itm In RespDoc.Items
If itm.IsNames Then
If itm.Values(0) <> "" Then
Set item = itm
Exit ForAll
End If
End If
End ForAll
Call RespDoc.send(false, item.Values)


so in total three meetings are being shown for a specific timeslot in calenadar

there is original meeting , created by owner and duplicate invations for invitees, However if lotus notes successfully resolves it then it become correct , so on my calendar for a specific time slot it shows two meetings one is original meeting another one is invitation


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