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Insert Subform caused Notes 6.5.4 designer to crash
AJP FilmIT 06/01/2005 03:22 PM
Domino Designer 6.5.4 Windows XP

I'm doing some maintenance on a Db developed in 6.0.2 - 6.0.4. I am now working in 6.5.4 and when I insert a new or existing subform into a form the Designer Crashes (NSD).

This exact issue has been raised before in the forum:

I've deleted all but the first 3 lines of the INI (new setup) and deleted the Cache.dsk but the problem persists.
The workaround of creating a blank subform, inserting it then adding the required fields to the subform works, but this surely is not a suitable way forward.

How wide spread is this problem. Is it a corruption somewhere or a new/know bug in the 6.5.4 designer?

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