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C++ API: Initiate LNUniversalID( const LNString &unidstring )
Christoph Berger 01/31/2008 06:53 AM
Toolkits 6.5.3 FP2 Windows XP


I have an application where I provide the UNID of a document as parameter.
The C++ program should then fetch the document with this UNID and add a value.

The problem is, how do I have to initiate the LNUniversalID class?

LNUniversalID unid( "myuniversalid");
status = GetDocument( UNID *unid, &doc );

This statement doesnt work.
Could somebody tell me how to do it?

Thank you very much.

P.S. That's my first C++ API project so I'm sorry if the solution is obvious...


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