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Detailed process including ports and protocols used for setup
Crista Pineau 01/23/2018 12:16 PM
Notes Client 7.0.2 All Platforms

Lotus Notes 7.0.2 on Windows desktops

I am looking for what ports and protocols are utilized during an initial Lotus Notes setup. I know that Notes uses port 1352 for communication but what exactly happens during the setup process? It's clearly different for initial setup than it is for after it's been completed.

Something occurred on the Domino Server (I don't know if it was firewall, software, etc) within the last month that will not allow initial setups but if they have a names.nsf and a notes.ini file ported over to the new computer then there is no actual setup process and connection to the Domino server works fine.

If I rename the names.nsf to oldnames.nsf and make a copy of the ini file somewhere else and edit the ini file in the lotus/notes directory to contain the top 4 lines to rerun setup then it doesn't work. By not working I mean I will get a Lotus Notes Client Configuration dialog box requesting Domino Server Network information such as the Domino server name, specific network information to help locate the server and the server address (ip address or hostname). Even if I provide that information I then get a dialog box saying that it is unable to find path to server. It also says I can use trace from the client to the server but I can't because I can't get the File Menu bar since the setup is not complete.

So I am trying to determine what the setup is looking for exactly to make the setup work so maybe I can narrow it down from a Notes admin side since I don't know what the server side people did.

Thanks for the help.

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