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Users named in Authors field getting error 4000
Mark XY Brown 08/23/2012 08:56 AM
Domino Designer 6.0.3 Windows XP

Greetings all!

This got longer than I originally thought - apologies for this.

We have an RFC application, built in-house. In the most recent version, I rolled out peer reviewing for change requests. This is controlled (in part) by the originator - they select either a person or a group to review their RFC. There are three fields involved in this:
PeerReview (dialog list that holds "Team" or "Person")
PeerReviewDetails (dialog list that is computed according to contents of PeerReview - either a list of all teams as defined in the application, or a list of all users, excluding the originator)
PeerReviewList (Authors, computed and has its contents driven in PeerReviewDetails' Input Translation event - either the selected name in that field, or the names of all the people in the selected group, less the originator)

Providing peer review is performed by an action button with the following script:

Sub Click(Source As Button)
'Stamp the peer review fields with the current user and date time

Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace
Dim sess As New NotesSession
Dim docThis As NotesDocument

On Error Goto SPR_Error

Set docThis = ws.CurrentDocument.Document

docThis.PeerReviewUser = sess.UserName
docThis.PeerReviewDateTime = Now()
docThis.SaveOptions = "1"
Call docThis.Save(True, False, False)

Messagebox "This RFC is now peer certified.", 48, "Peer review complete"

Call ws.CurrentDocument.Close(True)


Exit Sub


Dim booErr As Boolean

booErr = ErrorLog(docThis, Err, Error, "User", "Action.Sign peer review.Click", Erl)

Resume SPR_Exit

End Sub

This action button is only visible in the following circumstances:
Your username appears in PeerReviewList;
PeerReviewUser is null

Occasionally, users have reported receiving an error when they try to peer-review an RFC: "Notes error: You cannot update or delete the document(s) since you are not listed as an allowable Author for this document". According to the error logging, this happens on line 16 of the action script - Call docThis.Save(True, False, False)

This is confusing and frustrating. Most users have Author level access, with the Create Documents privilege. I have set this up so that the only people who can invoke the process must be listed as authors of the document, and yet Notes is convinced that they are not. Has anyone encountered this before? TIA!

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