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Entries in calendar view display incorrectly in Central Time Zone
Jean Stachler 02/19/2014 11:45 AM
Applications Development 7.0.3 FP1 Windows 2000

We have a vacation database that displays the days incorrectly when the database is used in a central time zone. If the database is used in the eastern time zone, everything displays correctly.

As an example, if the user creates a document for one day of vacation, in the central timezone, it will display on the calendars for two days. So if it was turned in for Feb 17th, it will display on Feb 16th & 17th both. If you view this entry in the eastern time zone, it displays one day on Feb 17th which is correct.

The time zone on the laptop that the entry is being generated for is set to the Central time zone.

I copied a database where the beginning date and the ending date is entered on the document and the document still displays incorrectly when this is viewed in the Central time zone. If the date is for a Monday and Tuesday, it will display on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The database works correctly in the Eastern time zone where it will display on Monday and Tuesday as it should be displayed.

On the vacation calendar database the date is entered and the number of days. If one day is entered, it displays on two days which is the previous day and the current day.

Any comments are much appreciated.

Thank you.

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