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Changing OS domain for servers and clients, any issues?
Doug Finner 07/13/2011 04:05 PM
General 6.5.4 Windows 2003; Windows XP

Our company is in the process of migrating our network domains from DomainA to DomainB.

We are NOT changing the Domino server domain, just at the OS level.

We don't use Notes mail for 'mail' but do send emails out of apps to Outlook/Exchange via a foreign SMTP domain document that points to I'm assuming we could leave this as is if there's a DNS entry for the current entry or we could just point to and be done with it.

It's likely we'll be moving servers separately from clients and we may be moving clients in bunches so it's possible our servers will be in DomainB while we have users in DomainA and DomainB.

I believe this is not a huge deal but am checking to see if anyone has any specific 'gotchas' we need to watch for.



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