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Refresh UIDoc from embedded view - Solution
Jonathan Cohen 09/20/2017 12:22 PM
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This is a previous post : SOLUTION: Embedded View and Refresh causes crash by Peter Szoldan on 7.Jun.09.

This solutions works in the notes client ... I am using in Notes Domino 9.0.7. I have been struggling with issue for a couple of days ... I am using it in a multiply embedded single categorized view interface. This solution addresses this uidoc/embedded view issue. See following link.

This is a real sweet solution to an ongoing aggravating Notes issue. Peter Szoldan, thank you for a very elegant solution and sharing it with us.

Hope someone from the IBM Notes Domino development team reads this. This issue needs to be fixed. We developers sweat blood trying to develop better interfaces in the Notes client ... getting this fixed would go a long way to helping us do that. We are always getting knocked by the Softy developers about how crappy the Notes Domino platform is and how the interface is limited. We developers know that it is the most powerful NonSQL database and development on the market. Help us sell this to your customer base!!!

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