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DBLookup not working in web
amar ku das 10/04/2016 06:20 AM
Domino Web Access 7.0.3 FP1 Windows Vista

Hi All,

I want to check DBlookup in web in one field but it is not working in web in client it was worked , so can any one help me how to solve this issue on web

My Code->

TargetServer :=@Subset(@DbName;1);

var :=@DbLookup("":"NoCache";TargetServer:MastrDB;"Department (Budget)";@Trim(Department);2);

sn:=@Replace(Var;@GetField("KPISubDepartment2") : @GetField("KPISubDepartment3") : @GetField("KPISubDepartment4") : @GetField("KPISubDepartment5") : @GetField("KPISubDepartment6") ;"");

@If(@IsError(var) | var = "" ; "No KPI Sub department exists for the selected KPI Department"; sn)

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