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Booking Multiple Resources Under One Reservation (Resource Reservation Database)
Jason R Smith 09/14/2016 10:47 PM
Applications Development 7.0.2 Windows XP

Currently as it is, making reservation for different resources for the same schedule requires the user to create individual reservation documents for each resource. Is there an easier way to get around this? Maybe allowing the selection of multiple resources in one reservation.

I have tried modifying the "New Reservation" form to allow multiple values in the Resource field. However, when trying to save the document, an error message pops up: "Error accessing product object method"

By modifying the code to provide error handling, I have narrowed down the issue being caused by a class member function being called. The function in question is:


Under the "CSEventNotes" class, the variable vBEObject appears to be a variant that when initialized, may take the form of an object of any of the following class:

- NotesCSEventOwnerDocument
- NotesCSReservationDocument
- NotesCSEventParticipantDocument

None of the above class are defined anywhere within the database, and no results are shown on the help contents as well. This makes it impossible to pinpoint the exact cause of the error.

Any help on this will be very much appreciated.

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