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Rule which no longer exists is still taking effect
Joanne Evans 01/03/2012 06:00 AM
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I have a a customer who has a phantom rule still taking effect and was wondering is anyone has any advice on how to resolve?

He is running Notes 8.5. He was previously on Version 7 and the same problem occured. He used to have a rule set up that if he was CC'd in an email, the email would be filed in a particular folder. Now he requires the emails that he is CC'd in to go into the inbox, not the folder

The rule physically does not exist in his mail client. I checked the the designer client and also cannot find the rule.

I found this doc but did not resolve the issue

Has anyone ever come across this before?
Would it be worthwhile me creating a rule with the same conditions? Then disabling it and deleting it?

Any advice is greatly appreicated


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