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Mike MikeC 06/06/2017 08:38 AM
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Hi there

I intend to implement 2 things for my domino server:

1. Implement a whitelist mechanism so that a particular sender could only be sending message to a pre-defined set of recipients

2. All messages from my domino domain will be routed to another domino domain which acts as a bridge and routes message to designated domino domain. I have been told by my boss that a message throttling should be in place to prevent mass messages from routing to the "bridge". The reason is that my domino server is used by a java application via DIIOP, my users actually are sending web service request to the java application to send messages out, therefore, the users can send mass messages with ease.

My thought is that I can implement a agent to accomplish my goals, so I made a "before new mail arrives" agent and "after new mail has arrived" agent for testing purpose. But I found that the "before new mail arrives" agent is never triggered. The "after new mail has arrived" agent is triggered with an error - target document does not exist, it seems that the document is transmitted out of before the "after new mail has arrived" agent is triggered.

Am I going to a wrong way? Appreciate if someone could give me a suggestion.


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