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@DbLookup works locally but not on server
Mark XY Brown 09/02/2008 10:17 AM
Notes Client 6.0.3 Windows 2000; Windows XP


I have an application which will be used to record intentions to attend functions. I added an Action to perform a check to make sure that users didn't record their intentions more then once:
@If(@Elements(@DbColumn("":"NoCache";"";"MyResp";2)) > 0;
@Prompt([Ok];"Duplicate response";"You have already responded to the invitation.");

"MyResp" is the alias of a view (shared; private on first use) that records forms for the current user.
I've tried replacing the second argument (server:database) with the replica ID and with the server name and database path in the relevant places.
Whatever I do, the button works on a local replica but throws an error on a server replica:
"Index is not to be generated on server."
This application is not going to be distributed beyond one site. Does anyone have any ideas?


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