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Control Access Section Expand collaspe according to status
db sh 02/26/2014 05:45 AM
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Dear All,

I have 5 control access section now user wants that according to status it should be collapse otherwise should be close
For example :- 1A,2B,3C,4D,5E these are 5 section
1A section should be open when status is "New" n at this time all other sections(2B,3C,4D,5E) should be close.
After 1A person decision, request goes to 2B responsible person with status "Pending with 2B responsible person" this time only 2B should be open and other sections(1A,3C,4D,5E) should be close.. this process will go to sections 5E.

I have one option which is sub form in which i will make 2 section for 1A, in which one will be open at that status and other one will close.. n so on

Please suggest...if have other option.

Thanks in advance.

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