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Performanceproblem on Domino Server after archiving Log.nsf
Stefan Thalmann 06/16/2006 05:57 AM
Domino Server 6.5.4 Windows 2003

In regular intervals we archive our log.nsf into a folder on the domino server. I start this archiving manually from my client (so I can create a new archivefile per month).
Sometimes archiving fails with a timout (possibly because the log.nsf is already too large). Then I see on the server that the task nserver remains hanging on very high extent of utilization (>80%). At a multiprocessor system with each missed archiving attempt a further processorcore is blocked.

At this Time I can only solve this problem by a restart of the whole domino server.

Can I reach that archiving not even wrongly strikes (timeout increase where, other archiving methods)?
If the nservertask is blocked again, could I terminate this extent of utilization without restarting the whole server?

My version Domino 6.5.4 FP3

Please help me!

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