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IBM: Can you create a "Hannover"-Forum on this site?
The Noldy 03/17/2006 02:49 PM
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Hi Iris- and IBMer

Can you please create a new forum on this site under "Forums & Community"? Normaly we had a Forum to post new ideas, question a.s.o in the "RNext"-Forums, actually we haven't. I believe there are a lot of people, who want more informations about "Hannover", Notes/Domino 8, Eclipse, Workplace Managed Client, orkplace Collaboration Client...

Here some naming-ideas...

- Beyond Notes/Domino 7
- RNext Feedback Forum
- RNext Innovation Forum
- Hannover Inovation Forum
- "Hannover" Feedback Forum
- You vs. "Hannover" ;)

Well, I've several "Hannover" questions...


The Noldy

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