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Is there a Policy setting to clear the internet address in all location documents for a group of users?
Yanick Girouard 12/15/2006 04:15 PM
Domino Designer 6.5.5 Windows XP

We are soon making changes in the internet address's domain suffix of most users on our notes domain and would like to clear the internetaddress field from all of their location documents to make sure nobody is still using the old adddress after the change as their reply-to address.

So far we have found a quick way to do it using a post open script that we'd add in their mailfile template (select all Location documents from ($Locations) view of names.nsf, then clear the internetaddress field and save, repeat for each), which would be simple enough, but I was wondering if there was a Policy setting that could be used to do the same thing natively from the server?

I'm not familiar with Policies yet and even after glancing over them for a while I couldn't find one...

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