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Embedded view with show single category
V. Thorslev 03/20/2006 06:30 AM
Domino Designer 7.0; 6.0.2 CF2 Windows 2003; Windows XP

I have used an embedded view with 'Show single category' in a form to show only the active user's own documents on web from a view with all documents - see "One good technique for this kind of functionality" by Alan J White:

In the computed field I have @Username (the users log in) and the category in the view is as well the username.

This works perfect, if the user always sign in on the same pc.

But if another user uses the same pc, the 'embedded show single category view' displays the previous user's documents.

Refreshing browser and deleting cache doesn't solve the problem. Neither reopening the browser (Internet Explorer 6.0).
If I delete 'Temporary Internet files' in the browser, the view shows the right documents, but this is not a user-friendly method.

Could anyone please help me solving this problem?

There is no problem in Mozilla Firefox. Unfortunately the users of my application use Internet Explorer.

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