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Odd behavior in categorized views with both ?open and ?readviewentries
Peter LaComb 10/07/2005 08:34 AM
Domino Server 6.5.4 Windows 2000; Windows XP

OK - I've been reading a lot of stuff posted on various sites by Jack Ratcliff, Bob Obringer and others about using AJAX techniques to make notes views more interactive and client-like.

They and others have posted about the odd behavior of the toplevelentries and how that complicates the paging of categorized views containing documents with readers fields. What I never realized until reading this and experimenting is that even displayed with ?open, categories containing documents you don't have access to are still displayed - partially negating the security of the readers field (because the value of the categorized field is displayed).

This happens in the client also.

I hope I'm not alone in thinking this is undesireable behavior.

Has anyone submitted an SPR or enhancement request that I can give feedback on? I'd REALLY love to see this stuff fixed.

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