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User needs to logon to different server
Kris Van Hoof 11/29/2017 05:02 AM
Notes Client 6.5.3 Windows Vista


I have an employee who moved from another site where Lotus Notes 6.5.3 is also used. However, he logs on on a different domino server. I am not able to change the domino server to which his client must connect on his Win7-computer.

If I install Lotus Notes on another computer, go through the installation wizard and import his LIC-file, we can log on to the correct domino server.

On his computer, I removed Lotus Notes and checked that the Lotus-folders under Program Files (x86) and ProgramData are removed. Next, I reinstalled Lotus Notes and I import his LIC-file. Unfortunatelly, Lotus Notes starts up with his original configuration and I have no option to select another domino server.

How can this be fixed? I can't reinstall the PC.


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