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Deleting a meeting to be intgrated with a web application
Nitin Chopra 10/05/2012 07:10 AM
Applications Development All Releases Windows Vista


When we delete a Repeating meeting in Lotus notes, Querydocumentdelete event fires,

I can see there is a default code , which will execute when Querydocumentdelete will fire and there will be a dialogue box which will be asking whether you want to delete all the instances or just only one.

Now, i want to add my code so as to integrate with a web application to ensure that if an instance or instances successfully deleted only then , my code should execute should also also delete corresponding meeting in one of my web application.

i am not sure what is the best place to insert my code with in Querydocumentdelete,

i want to make sure that it should fire just after i have chosen to delete a single instance or all instances from dialogue box and operation is cancelled then nothing should happen, and it should fire only of document has been successfully deleted,

Is there anyway to check whether user going t delete a single instance or all the instances?


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