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millie s muhaimin 08/18/2011 10:14 AM
General 7.0.3 Windows 2003

I want to place a hotspot button in an email so the recievers can click the button and select a project review time. The challenge that I'm having is after a time slot is selected I want he option to grey out or nolonger appear. This is the code I've used so far:

choicelist:="12:00":"12:10":"12:20":"12:30":"12:40":"12:50":"1:00":"1:10":"1:20":"1:30":"1:40": "1:50":"2:00":"2:10":"2:20":"2:30":"2:40":"2:50":"3:00":"3:10":"3:20":"3:30":"3:40":"3:50":"4:00";
title:="Dashboard Review Session";
message:="Please select your choice:";

choice := @Prompt([OkCancelList]:[NoSort];title; message ; "" ; choicelist);
@MailSend(email;"";"";@Name([Abbreviate] ; @UserName + " has chosen " + choice ));
@Prompt([Ok] ;"Finished" ; "Thank you, your choice has been emailed.")

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