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View not printing as seen on screen
Jason Sas 04/01/2009 07:59 PM
Domino Designer 6.5.6; 6.5.5 FP3; 6.5.5 FP2; 6.5.5 FP1; 6.5.5; 6.5.4 FP3; 6.5.4 FP2; 6.5.4 FP1; 6.5.4; 6.5.3 FP2; 6.5.3 FP1; 6.5.3; 6.5.2 FP1; 6.5.2 Windows XP


I've designed a view so that each entry is broken up in grid style and each alternate row is a different colour, which makes it easier for the user to distinguish between entries. However when I print the view, these options don't print out and it just prints each entry on a white background.

Is there something I'm doing wrong or do the grid and 'alternate colour' features in a view not normally print?


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