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ODBC database error
Rainer Knapp 10/04/2007 12:51 PM
Applications Development 6.0.2 CF2 Windows 2000

I would like to know, if anyone has an idea what the following
error message could mean (translated from german):

[Lotus][ODBC Lotus Notes] Column name missing in AVG, MAX, MIN, or SUM function
Error S1000: general error
Datasource error: 22660352

I am trying to connect a labeling software ("Bartender") to a Notes-DB via ODBC. I'm using NotesSQL v. 8.0. Same error occurs with v. 3.x. The same ODBC-connection works perfectly with Crystal Reports.

The Notes view I'm trying to conect has no such functions as described above in the error message and all columns have names.

Thanks for any hint!

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