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How to throw an Error back to the browser from lotusscript
Dimitris Ilaridis 02/17/2006 04:22 PM
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I have a web application. I use Session Based Auth. Users need to login to use the application. On one of my forms I have a webQueryOpen agent to calculate some fields and do some other custom validation.

I want to throw a "You are not Authorized to perform that operation" error back to the browser if one of my custom validations fails (in the webQueryOpen agent) and display the login form (from domcfg.nsf) so that users try to login with a different user name.

Basically, I want to do exactly the same like Domino does when for example you try to edit a document (?editdocument) and you do not have access to edit that document. But I want to force that manually.

Any idea?


Any idea?

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