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Edit Contact Labels within Mail File Contacts
Brian Graham 05/27/2008 11:21 AM
Notes Client 7.0.3 Windows XP

Our CEO loves the fact that he can change the Contact Labels in his personal address book. Instead of Office Fax, he can have it show his own tag (like "Condo"). The problem is, these custom lables don't transfer to the Mail file when using the Actions->Synchronize Address Book. Since he has a Blackberry, and his admin assistant enters/updates contacts within his mail file, he wants the ability to change these tags in his mail file as well so they will show up on his Blackberry with the same labels as in his Personal Address Book.

To date, working with the Mail 7 Template from, we find no way this can be implemented. We have told him this can't be done. Am I wrong, or does someone have a solution?


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