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Unable to make more HTTP requests in Web Agent
Kings Fern 02/13/2018 06:10 AM
Applications Development 7.0.3 FP1 Linux on zSeries

I have a WebQueryOpen agent which connects to a WebPage which is basically a BluePages API Locator.
In the Log, I check that it successfully connects.

But when I make a subsequent call where I pass a NotesID to a function, which is basically another web page request, I get the following messages in Web & the function returned nothing. The same done in Notes Client would return the Internet email for that NotesID.

These are messages in the Log for the subsequent function call:

02/13/2018 03:29:49 AM WEB(2): Loading additional WEB task
02/13/2018 03:29:49 AM WEB(3): Initializing

Please can anyone advise on how to do HTTP requests in a Web agent? Also, I cannot create Microsoft.HTTP objects since I use a Linux based web server.

I tried also getDocumentByURL but have not made any progress. :(

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