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Need help to determine best way to work with array of arrays
Don R Green 09/27/2006 05:19 PM
General 6.0.2 CF2 Windows 2000

My script splits out setences from body text which works fine. Now I'd like to split words out from each of the sentences. I've tried a few different ways but haven't been successful. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Here's part of the code:

'split the body text into individual sentences
delim = "."
allMainFrmPlsSubStrng = Split(outputMainStrip, delim, -1)

'now split each sentence into its own word array
delim = " "
Dim wordArray(Ubound(allMainFrmPlsSubStrng )) As Variant

For iCntr = 0 To Ubound(allMainFrmPlsSubStrng )
wordArray(iCntr) = Split(allMainFrmPlsSubStrng(iCntr), delim, -1)

The following error: "Variable not declared: RETURNVALUE" is found on the "For iCntr ..." line.

I'd like wordArray(1) match up to the sentence of allMainFrmPlsSubStrng(1). I could be approaching this wrong so please make suggestions. Is there a way to name the wordArray as wordArray1, wordArray2, up to Ubound(allMainFrmPlsSubStrng)?


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