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Lotusscript - Sending email to multi value field
Paul R Emery 08/17/2016 03:32 PM
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I apologize in advance but it has been some time since I have coded and can't seem to figure out the simple task of having my code below allow me to send an update email to a multi valued text field. That multi valued text field is being populated via a submit button from another multi valued text field which contains multiple people seperated by colon's.

I believe I need to make it an array but I can't seem to do it and have it work and have begun to go in circles with googling.

Thank you!!!

Below is my code (my issue is when trying to send to Doc.OtherManagers):

Option Public
Sub Initialize
Dim Session As New NotesSession
Dim DB As NotesDatabase
Dim MailDoc As NotesDocument
Dim Doc As NotesDocument
Dim View As NotesView
Dim Body As NotesRichTextItem

Set DB = Session.CurrentDatabase
Set View = DB.GetView("(VacationReminderEmail)")
Set Doc = View.GetFirstDocument

If Doc Is Nothing Then
Exit Sub

Do Until Doc Is Nothing
Set MailDoc = DB.Createdocument()
MailDoc.SendTo = Doc.Manager(0)
MailDoc.CopyTo = Doc.OtherManagers(0)

MailDoc.Subject = Doc.TeamMember(0) & " is on vacation beginning on " & Doc.StartDate(0) & " and returning on " & Doc.EndDate(0)
Set Body = New NotesRichTextItem( MailDoc, "Body" )

Set Doc=View.GetNextDocument( Doc )
Call MailDoc.Send(False)

End If

End Sub

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