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Mark XY Brown 28.Mar.12 06:42 AM a Web browser
Domino Designer 6.0.3 Windows XP

Morning all

I have recently tried converting a tabbed table into a programmable one. This was so that I could control which tab was displayed to the user when it was opened, so that they were presented with the most appropriate one for that document's progress through the workflow. That part of it works!

One of the tabs features a radio button that controls visibility of the next tab, and a pair of cascading dialogue boxes. One contains the static list "Person":"Team", and the other has a formula based on the first:
view:=@If(PeerReview = "Team"; "GroupNames"; "GroupMembers");
@Unique(@DbColumn(""; ""; view; 1))
The dialogue boxes have the property "Refresh fields on keyword change" selected.

The behaviour that I wasn't expecting is this. If the radio button is set to "Yes" and a value is selected in one of the dialogue boxes, the table opens the next tab. If the radio button is set to "No" and a value is selected in one of the dialogue boxes, the entire table is hidden.

I can duplicate the latter by switching off the "Refresh fields on keyword change" property on the dialogue boxes and instead pressing F9 after selecting a value. I have no idea why the former occurs, though. The table is called "RFCInfo", and I have a field on the form called "$RFCInfo" which is editable, hidden from all users who aren't me and initially set by a Postopen script, which I can post if necessary - it's essentially a Select Case statement that looks at a particular item value and returns the name of the table row relating to that value.

Can anyone offer any pointers?

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