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RE: Export to XML using Lotus Script
Alex Elliott 26.Apr.12 08:13 PM a Web browser
Domino Designer 7.0.2 Windows XP

1. Is the attachment data Base 64 encoded (e.g. the data in $FILE tag)? If not it can not be read by a Pega process.

When exporting document data using NotesDXLExporter the attachment data in the resulting DXL code is Base64 Encoded. You can export the DXL data for the document to a file or to a string object and handle it as you need to.

2. Will you be able to provide a DXL for each notes document ? (Each with distinct file name ? example: <unid>.dxl )(The Client wants to select documents one by one & then Export it - is it possible?)

Sure can. Create a new Stream object as you process each document and grab the 'UniversalID' property for the document being exported and use this as part of the filename.

3.What would be the last updated date ? <modified> tag data ?

Yes. Modified date is the best one to use unless you have a computed field on the form which records the date the document was last updated. Modified date can sometimes be updated by agents which 'touch' documents but don't necessarily change the content in the documents.

4. The date needs to be formatted to YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS

This gets a little tricker but can be done by using the NotesDOMParser class. You need to tell the NotesDXLExporter object to call the appropriate Parser function which enables you to perform any DXL code manipulation before streaming it out to the target file.

' Set the input to the NotesDXLExport object to the document being exported
Call DXLExporter.SetInput(Doc)

' Set the output of the NotesDXLExport object to the NotesDOMParser object
Call DXLExporter.SetOutput(DXLDOMParser)

' Set the output of the NotesDOMParser object to the file Stream
Call DXLDOMParser.SetOutput(DXLStream)

' Set the name of the function to call to 'DOMParseDXL'
On Event PostDOMParse From DXLDOMParser Call DOMParseDXL

Your DOMParseDXL function should be defined as such:

Sub DOMParseDXL(Source As NotesDOMParser)
Exit sub

In the DOmParseDXL function you can get a handle to the document element and all child 'Item' (field) elements:

Dim RootElement As NotesDOMElementNode
Dim DocItemList As NotesDOMNodeList

Set RootElement = Source.Document.DocumentElement
Set DocItemList = RootElement.GetElementsByTagName("item")

DocItemList will contain an array of all items (fields) in the documents being exported and you can process them.

Date/Time properties of the document (Created, Modified, Revised, LastAccessed, AddedToFile) are child elements of the 'NoteInfo' node in the DXL code. When you get a handle to these items you can change the value of the 'Text' child element and change the date / time value to your preferred format.

Processing DXL code is pretty easy (once you know how) and provides a great way of manipulating document data prior to export.

Suggest you read as much as you can in the Domino Designer Help database for getting up to speed on DXL processing.



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