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Mark XY Brown 4.Oct.12 07:09 AM a Web browser
Domino Designer 6.0.3 Windows XP

Greetings all!

One of my databases is giving me harassments, again. I've had to change the design of a form to capture more information from the users. So that existing documents don't go without, I've written an agent to populate these fields where required. All well and good.

The new information relates to how the document should be classified - each user can create documents on behalf of one or more areas within the the department. The agent is written in Lotus Script. If it encounters a document written by a user with permissions for multiple departments, it is supposed to compile a list of those departments and present it to the user in a prompt. Here is the relevant section of code:

'Multiple groups for this user
For intG = 0 To (dcGroups.Count - 1)

Set docGroup = dcGroups.GetNthDocument(intG + 1)
Redim Preserve varGroups(0 To intG)
varGroups(intG) = docGroup.GetItemValue("GroupName")


Set namRFC = New NotesName(varKey(0))
strPrompt = "Select a group for " & namRFC.Common & Chr(13)
strPrompt = strPrompt & "for RFC '" & docRFC.GetItemValue("RFCTitle")(0) & "'."

varSelGroup = ws.Prompt(prompt_okcancellist, "Data cleansing", strPrompt, , varSelGroup) '<- This is the line that fails

If Isempty(varSelGroup) Then

Messagebox "No group selected for " & docRFC.GetItemValue("RFCNumber")(0) , 48, "Data cleansing"
Goto NoGroups


strGroup = varSelGroup(0)

End If

(Yes, I know I'm using the dreaded "GetNthDocument" call, but that was the easiest way to synchronise the loops, and the collection won't have more than five documents.)

When the code execution reaches the line that fails, no prompt is displayed. I've run the code normally and in debugger mode, and either way that line is skipped over so the first part of the following If statement is invoked. This is somewhat irksome.

Has anyone encountered this before? I can post the rest of the code if required.

Thanks for reading!

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