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Laura L Clingan 24.Oct.07 02:13 PM a Web browser
Applications Development 6.0.2 CF2 Windows 2003

Ok - I've been all over the forum mining information about inserting pictures into Word documents, exporting to Word, etc. I'm stuck.....

I'm creating a letter in Notes using a form and then I copy the letter into Word. I need to insert a logo.....which I'm able to do by putting the logo into a temp file and grabbing it when I create the Word doc. The problem is that I cannot get the logo placed where I want it in the doc. I need it to be at the top of the 2nd hard could that be? Well, when I get it working it always ends up right after the first bit of text on the cover page (1st page)....when I don't get it working I get an error: Word: BAD PARAMETER. Not sure why I'm getting that (sometimes). I have recorded macros in Word to get a clue but no help.

Here's what I have at this point (obviously only an excerpt)

Const wdLine = 5
Const wdScreen = 7

'Save Word Document in temp file and close Word
Call WordDoc.SaveAs("c:\\temp\ReviewLetter.doc")
MSWord.Selection.MoveDown wdScreen
MSWord.Selection.MoveDown wdScreen
MSWord.Selection.MoveDown wdScreen
MSWord.Selection.InlineShapes.AddPicture "C:\temp\LogoTOF.jpg", False, True
Call WordDoc.Close

I've tried variations including MoveDown wdLine with and without the wdScreen.

Any help?


p.s. Originally I had the logo as part of the form but after exporting the logo is very poor quality which is why (after reading other posts concerning that issue) I decided to insert the logo AFTER the export.

Inserting Picture Into Word Documen... (Laura L Clingan... 24.Oct.07)
. . RE: Inserting Picture Into Word Doc... (Cesar Mugnatto 24.Oct.07)

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