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Jon P Mercurio 9.Jan.07 08:18 PM a Web browser
Notes Client 6.0.2 CF2 Windows 2000

I've had a persistent issue and I hope wiser heads can teach me something or at least confirm that I'm not insane.
In our notes client application we have a form that uses subforms to display different types of information. Generally, the field names on various subforms are unique and so there's little danger of information of one type to find its way into other areas.

However, a third party web application is used to generate charts from this information and it relies on common inputs, so the outputs from notes client take on the form of OctR, NovR, DecR, etc. From this, we create a URL that looks like http://db.nsf/charts?OctR=1&NovR=2&DecR=3&ChartName=Profit. So, for example, a "Profit" subform is used to generate a profit -style URL and then we swap that subform out with a "Costs" subform to generate its URL.

At some point one brilliant person used computed fields (not computed for display) on one of those charts subforms and it has caused me no end of headaches for the obvious reason that once a value is computed and saved on the document, all other charts will use the computed value instead of re-computing each time (until the doc is refreshed, that is).

I've gone through and cleaned up the subforms so they are all CfD. I've written an agent to @DeleteField any of the OctR, NovR, or DecR fields. But, on my test run, I checked the document properties on one of the problem documents so I could witness the before and after. They field wasn't on the test document nor on any other document that I examined through a view.

I ran the agent anyway but the charts still show the computed result rather than the expected CfD total, even though 1) the field wasn't in the document properties when looked at from the view; 2) an agent explicitly deleted the offending field; 3) I can refresh the individual document while it is opened and it will replace the computed value with the CfD value. If I save the document while it is on a corrected subform, it remains fixed.

Now, this has happened before and given the size of our apps, I can't be sure that I've fixed it in all places, but neither can I just look for documents with a particular field because none show that field in the document properties.

Am I missing some special property of fields or subforms that hides information from displaying in document properties? Does anyone else have experience with data corruption appearing in this way?

I have a solution in place, but this situation doesn't make sense to me and before using the word, I want to make sure that it's not my understanding that is "corrupted".

Problem with Computed For Display f... (Jon P Mercurio 9.Jan.07)
. . RE: Problem with Computed For Displ... (Maria Helm 10.Jan.07)

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