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Jo WooJe 19.Jul.06 05:57 AM a Web browser
Domino Designer 6.0.2 Windows 2000

I created action button to create specific form on the document(by using composeDoc method). Common Field' name is Contents in the database. The created document' Contents field value and the opend document's Contents field value are same. This is my code.

Dim workspace As New NotesUIWorkspace

Dim session As New NotesSession

Dim db As NotesDatabase

Dim doc As NotesDocument

Dim aDoc As NotesDocument

Dim doccol As NotesDocumentCollection

Dim udoc As NotesUIDocument

Dim Value As String

Dim i As Integer

Dim composeDoc As NotesUIDocument

Set db = session.CurrentDatabase

Set udoc = workspace.CurrentDocument

Set doc = udoc.Document

Value = doc.GetItemValue("Contents")(0) ''''''This Field is Common Field in the database.

Set doccol = db.FTSearch("FIELD Contents CONTAINS " + Value, 0) '''''''''''At first, there's one document that has opend document's Contents field value in the database.

Msgbox Cstr(doccol.Count) ''''''''''''''So, just 1 is true.

Set composeDoc = workspace.ComposeDocument("","","MainForm") '''this creates MainForm Document that has opened document's Contents Field value.

Call composeDoc.FieldSetText ("SaveOptions","1") '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''set SaveOptions field value to 1 to save

Call composeDoc.Save '''''''''''''' MainForm Documet was saved

Call db.UpdateFTIndex(False) '''''''''''''''''Index by force.

composeDoc.EditMode = False

Call composeDoc.Close ''''''''''''''''close the saved MainForm Document.

Set doccol = db.FTSearch("FIELD Contents CONTAINS " + Value, 0) '''''''''reset doccol to redefine the newly updated saved MainForm Document

Msgbox doccol.Count '''''''''''''' This is 2 true, but the output is 2.

I worked in the local, and copy the database to the Server. In the local the second output(doccol.count) is 2(it's true). But in the server, the second output is 1(it's wrong). In the local' code and server's code are same. I think the db.UpdateFTIndex(False) is not worked in the server. In the local the Index was normally worked, but in the Server isn't.
I checked the saved MainForm. Saved MainForm' Contents field value and opend document's Contents field value are same. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

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