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Faisal K Mahmood 2.Nov.05 02:18 PM a Web browser
Domino Server 6.0.2 CF2 Windows 2000

Hi All,

I have two servers involved in my mail routing scenario both in separate domino domains. Server 'A/LocalDomain' and Server 'B/ExternalDomain'.

Server A/LocalDomain is our internal Domino mail hub which sends all outbound internet email to Server B/ExternalDomain which is the gateway server to the internet. All email transfers between these two servers is currently over SMTP and everthing works. Currentlly, A/LocalDomain defines B/ExternalDomain as a relay host in its config settings document and B/ExternalDomain defines A/LocalDomain as a smart host in its respective config settings doc.

What I am trying to accomplish is using NOTES ROUTING to route outbound internet email from A/LocalDomain to B/External Domain.
As per Notes documentation, I have created the Foreign SMTP domain doc and SMTP connection document combination, the details of which are as follows:

On Server A/LocalDomain
Foreign SMTP Domain document
Domain Type: Foreign SMTP Domain
Messages Addressed to Internet Domain: *.*
Should be Routed to Domain Name: theInternet (fictitous domain name)

SMTP connection document
Connection Type: SMTP
Source Server: B/ExternalDomain
Connect Via: Direct connection
Destination Server: allInternalhosts (fictitious name)
Replication Task: Disabled
Routing Task: Mail Routing
Schedule enabled.

Once I have created the above mentioned documents on Server A/LocalDomain and then make the following modifications on A/LocalDomain:

1. Removed relay host entry (which is currently IP of server B/ExternalDomain) from the config settings document

2. Remove SMTP routing task from server document (leaving only mail routing)

3. Disabled the field 'SMTP used when sending messages outside of the local internet domain' on config settings document.

4. Disabled SMTP listenener task

Having done all this and restarting server A/LocalDomain I am unable to send outgoing internet bound email (internal mail routing works fine). I get the following errors.

1. Server Log entry "Connection from server B/ExternalDomain not used; Server not found in Domino Directory."
(I'm assuming this is reffering to the SMTP connection document I created above. Out of desperation, i even explicity created a server document for this server in server A/LocalDomain's directory and am even able to do a notes trace to it but still no luck)

2. Mail router delivery failure error and server log entry as follows:
"No route found to domain Check Server, Connection and Domain documents in Domino Directory."

I hope this paints a good enough picture of my issue. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. If more details are required from me, please reply.

Thanks in advance.


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