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Carla Stuber 28.Jun.13 10:25 AM a Web browser
Notes Client 7.0.2 Windows XP

I have two columns in a view that I want to get data from a computed when composed field based upon script in the querysave of the form for that field.

Col1 (Processed Date) This would be the date stamp of a specific status (which will be the last status "Ready for EAS")
Col2 (Last Status) This would be the users name who made the last status that was made at any given time. (I dont know if this is possible)

This is an example of the Status History as it appears on the form:
6/26/2013 1:19:43 PM -- Jane Doe set Status to -- Ready for EAS
6/26/2013 1:19:33 PM -- Sue Sunshine set Status to -- Approved for AP
6/26/2013 9:15:24 AM -- Carla Stuber set Status to -- Submitted
6/26/2013 9:15:21 AM -- Carla Stuber set Status to -- Draft

Field name: StatusHistory
hidden field: initStatus (computed when composed)
Field Value: REM {Set and used in QuerySave};

QuerySave: Sub Querysave(Source As Notesuidocument, Continue As Variant)
'Update StatusHistory field

Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Dim dateTime As New NotesDateTime( "" )
Dim user As String
Dim itemInit As NotesItem
Dim item As NotesItem
Dim tmpText As String
Dim endline As String

Set doc = source.Document
Call dateTime.SetNow
user = session.CommonUserName

'Update the StatusHistory field if the user changed the Status field. Reset the initStatus field for the next save.
Set item = doc.GetFirstItem( "lstStatus" )
Set itemInit = doc.GetFirstItem( "initStatus" )
If doc.HasItem("lstStatus") Then
If itemInit.text <> item.text Then
doc.StatusHistory = dateTime.LSLocalTime & " -- " & user & " set Status to -- " & item.text & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & doc.StatusHistory(0)
doc.initStatus = item.text
End If
End If
End Sub

Any suggestions or documentation someone can guide me to?
Thanks for any assistance!

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. . RE: Column View (Karl-Henry Mart... 1.Jul.13)
. . . . RE: Column View (Carla Stuber 1.Jul.13)

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