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98%29.Oct.07Using another database to run LEI activities??Mira Pimbi
98%19.Nov.02What versions of LEI work with Domino 6?N K Sprunger
97%20.Jul.04LEI 6.0 - Database is corrupt -- Cannot allocate space Urgent!!Lance Zakin
97%12.Oct.11LEI StarterB Dali
97%27.Jun.11Moving Domino with LEI form one system to anotherHilda Flores
97%5.May.11LEI - SAP Connectionsreevardhan reddy
97%30.Jul.09LEI versionstuti s sahay
97%29.Dec.08LEI admin and trace connectionsTed Hardenburgh
97%11.Dec.08LEI and ORACLE Connection Errorsubba rao
97%4.Nov.08LEI Activity import existing dataVikram singh sisodia
97%22.Oct.08RE: Data transfer by LEIVikram singh sisodia
97%21.Oct.08RE: Data transfer by LEIRalph Boccalini
97%29.Sep.08How to check LEI activity statusrajender kumar
97%22.Aug.08LEI and Lotus connectorsKishan Kumar
97%13.Aug.08LEI - Activity - Designated ServerVeereshwar Ravi Panchakshar
97%15.May.08RE: SQL connection via LEIRami Jundi
97%15.May.08SQL connection via LEICool N Guys
97%14.May.08SQL connectivity via LEICool N Guys
97%25.Apr.08LEI & Domino incremental installer 6.5.4 to 6.5.6Rick Macguigan
97%21.Jan.08RE: LEI & SAPLitty Joseph
97%3.Jan.08RE: @DbCommand v LEILitty Joseph
97%4.Dec.07RE: Send Encrypted emails via LEI/Lotus ScriptKanchan Thaokar
97%10.Oct.07Puchasing LEI for Domino 6.5.5RJ Yost
97%14.Aug.07Oracle and LEIMat Massa
97%26.Jun.07RE: LEI Help - No answer in the LEI forumRami Jundi
97%25.Jun.07RE: LEI Help - No answer in the LEI forumRick Macguigan
97%25.Jun.07RE: LEI Help - No answer in the LEI forumF1 Help
97%25.Jun.07RE: LEI Help - No answer in the LEI forumThomas Kennedy
97%25.Jun.07LEI Help - No answer in the LEI forumF1 Help
97%19.Jun.07RE: I ran into almost the exact same problem just last weekKeith Hartman
97%16.May.07LEI 6.5.5 or 6.5.6 with Domino 6.5.6 ?Frank Meels
97%17.Apr.07RE: How to connect LEI and oraclesoma sundar
97%17.Apr.07RE: How to connect LEI and oracleFrank Black
97%17.Apr.07How to connect LEI and oracle soma sundar
97%16.Apr.07how to connect LEI and oraclesoma sundar
97%16.Feb.07Regarding LEIsoma sundar
97%6.Dec.06RE: The connection document does not exist: LEI-SAPkapil 2508
97%6.Dec.06The connection document does not exist: LEI-SAPkapil 2508
97%16.Oct.06Agent authorisation problem (LEI) Gert-Jan D Hartog
97%19.Sep.06RE: Domino upgrade / Oracle LEIChris Bova
97%18.Jul.06RE: 7.0.1 FP1 and LEIR. Steurer
97%17.Jul.067.0.1 FP1 and LEIJustin Pieters
97%9.May.06LEI cannot retrieve chi charkenny lai
97%6.Apr.06LEI field mapping using Note IDTom Griffith
97%5.Apr.06Server Agents (LEI Command Activity)Mike Sabo
97%7.Mar.06How to Use LEI?Pawan k Kumar
97%2.Mar.06LEI and LS Agents - some don't runKurt Biedlingmaier
97%8.Dec.05RE: Can LEI connect to SAP CRM (UniCode)?Rajesh Nayak
97%19.Nov.05RE: Decs Vs LEIJY Riverin
97%19.Nov.05DECShari krishna V Valugonda
97%19.Nov.05Decs Vs LEIhari krishna V Valugonda
97%12.Oct.05LEI 6 install issueSteven J McCormick
97%6.Oct.05Problem for accessing other database in an agent launching by LEIBrieuc Goudal
97%4.Sep.05DB2 to Notes Docs - LEI is made for thatDonald A Russell
97%19.Aug.05LEI - SQL copy RTF > LNotesAndrew Luke
97%19.Jul.05RE: I tried it in the LEI forum , but I got no answer - Problem with SQL statementStephan H. Wissel
97%21.Feb.05LEIRekha Jha
97%28.Dec.04LEI--CPU usageJessica Moyer
97%23.Nov.04The short version; LEI offers much more flexibility, DECS only runtime query possibilitiesRobert Ibsen Voith
97%25.Mar.04Where to get (LEI) ?Heather Holt
97%29.Dec.03RE: Domino 6 and LEIKevin C Anderson
97%29.Dec.03Domino 6 and LEIRico Schoene
97%8.Jan.03LEI Expiration dateFoo Gazi
97%20.Nov.02RE: What versions of LEI work with Domino 6?Steve Sparrow
97%23.Oct.02Patch necessaryCarsten Mons
96%18.Jun.16RE: Call LEI activity from Lotus scriptMark Landry
96%1.Feb.16LEI Virtual activity with Sybase databaseRamkumar Kannuchamy
96%9.Jan.16RE: Call LEI activity from Lotus scriptBarry Shapiro
96%8.Nov.12LEI Service Kills Lotus Domino ServiceBalaji Krishnamoorthy
96%17.Jan.12RE: LEI activity throwing errorsDave M Smith
96%12.Jan.12LEI activity throwing errorsChristine Miller
96%17.Oct.11Lotus Notes LEI to FTPMahesh K Raju
96%30.Jun.11LEI Error: Invalid document handle or IDXiao Yang Wei
96%15.Jun.11RE: LEI virtual views - URGENTLars Berntrop-Bos
96%20.Jan.11LEI Replication ActivityNarsimha Rao
96%29.Dec.10LEI ErrorKelly K Loth
96%1.Nov.10LEI ErrorNarsimha Rao
96%22.Sep.10RE: LEI - Replication issueSteve Sherwood
96%22.Sep.10LEI - Replication issueFernando R
96%16.Apr.10Perhaps you can use XML. Isn't ODS XML in the first place? <eom>Robert Ibsen Voith
96%16.Apr.10LEI: Data transfer from Lotus Symphony to Lotus notes using LEIKrupali Ramaiya
96%21.Feb.09RE: not able to import all data from oracleAjit Narayan
96%21.Jan.09How to send attachment in oracle DB using LEISaket K Singh
96%14.Jan.09RE: LEI field ActivityAndre Guirard
96%29.Dec.08RE: How to debug the LEI connection ?Chhannoo L Verma
96%29.Dec.08How to debug the LEI connection ?Viswanadh P Kumar
96%6.Nov.08RE: LEI ErrorShaik S
96%4.Nov.08LEI ErrorShaik S
96%21.Oct.08Data transfer by LEIVikram singh sisodia
96%29.Sep.08RE: How to check LEI activity statusRami Jundi
96%22.Aug.08Difference between Virtual documents and virtual fields in LEIKishan Kumar
96%18.Aug.08RE: LEI - Activity - Designated ServerVeereshwar Ravi Panchakshar
96%13.Aug.08RE: LEI - Activity - Designated ServerDavid B. Jones
96%29.May.08RE: LEI MUltivalue fieldMarjan Nieuwland
96%8.Apr.08LEI Issuesiddu reddy
96%21.Jan.08LEI & SAPSandip Chakraborty
96%5.Oct.07Notes Connectivity with LEI Sailendra Singh
96%14.Aug.07Oracle and LEI - No. No. No.Martin J Audley
96%10.Jul.07Refresh View in Real Time usin LEIErnest Leyva
96%26.Jun.07RE: LEI Help - No answer in the LEI forumThomas Kennedy

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