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SOLVED: View Display Error
Kevin Pettitt 9.Apr.07 03:18 PM a Web browser
Domino Designer 7.0 All Platforms

@SetViewInfo will filter the view according to your needs. Here's the solution.

1 - Keep the simple Selection formula as:

SELECT Form = "TF"

and get rid of the rest.

2 - Make sure that the first column of the view points to the "EmpName" field (not a formula of some sort) AND is categorized.

3 - Add the following to the PostOpen event of the view:

@SetViewInfo([SetViewFilter];@Name([CN]; @UserName);"EmpName";1)

4 - Add the following to the QueryClose event of the view:

@Command([OpenView]; @Subset(@ViewTitle; -1));

This assumes that you've named the frame in which the view displays "NotesView", which is the normal standard. If not, either change the frame name or if you must, change the code above to reflect your naming.

Note: This code assumes EmpName is formatted as a common name (e.g. Kevin Pettitt) as opposed to an abbreviated name (e.g. Kevin Pettitt/MyDivision/MyCompany). Change the @Name code above to @Name([Abbreviate]... or whever format required if you need to ensure the formats match.

Note 2: If you decide to change the *column* to a formula (e.g. @Name([CN]; EmpName) ) in order to match formats, then you will need to change the "EmpName" part of the formulas to the *programmatic* name of the column (look on the last tab of the column properties box - rename the Name field there if you like but make sure that value matches the formulas)

Something like $EmpName should work, in which case your new formula for step 3 would be:

@SetViewInfo([SetViewFilter];@Name([CN]; @UserName);"$EmpName";1)

Good luck,


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