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RE: How to find List of Users in the Names & Address Books who have MailForward checked on
Kevin Pettitt 30.Jan.07 06:03 PM a Web browser
Domino Administrator All Releases All Platforms

1 - Create a Lotusscript agent, action menu triggered, target - none (in any database)
2 - Import the following code:

Option Public
Option Declare

Dim s As NotesSession
Dim domdir As NotesDatabase
Dim personName As NotesName
Dim personList List As String
Dim MailAddress As String
Dim fileID As Integer
Dim filePath As String

Const domdirserver$ = "YOURSERVERNAMEHERE"

Sub Initialize

Set s = New NotesSession
Set domdir = s.GetDatabase(domdirserver$, "names.nsf")
'That assumes the agent runs in the NAB
'use GetDatabase if it's running in another DB
Call PopulatePersonList
fileID = Freefile
filePath = "C:\Temp\ForwardedAccounts.txt"
If Dir(filePath) <> "" Then Kill filePath
Open filePath For Output As fileID
Forall account In personList
Set personName = New NotesName(Listtag(account))
Print #fileId, personName.Abbreviated & " - " & account
End Forall
Close fileID
'Create and send notification
Dim mailDoc As New NotesDocument(domdir)
Call mailDoc.ReplaceItemValue("SendTo","YOUR NAME (CN) HERE")
Dim body As New NotesRichTextItem(mailDoc, "Body")
Call body.AppendText("Policy scan completed at " + Cstr(Now))
Call body.AddNewline(2,True)
Call mailDoc.ReplaceItemValue("Subject","Following People have forwarding addresses")
Call body.EmbedObject(EMBED_ATTACHMENT, "", filePath)
Call mailDoc.Send(False)

End Sub
Sub PopulatePersonList
'This prevents doing a real lookup for every person
'by creating a lookup table in memory
Dim peopleView As NotesView
Dim personDoc As NotesDocument
Set peopleView = domdir.GetView("($VIMPeople)")
Set personDoc = peopleView.GetFirstDocument
Do Until personDoc Is Nothing
If personDoc.GetItemValue("MailAddress")(0) <> "" Then
'Only populate the list if the person has a forwarding address
personList(personDoc.GetItemValue("FullName")(0)) = personDoc.GetItemValue("MailAddress")(0)
End If
Set personDoc = peopleView.GetNextDocument(personDoc)
End Sub

3 - Change the bits in the code that reference a servername for the domino directory and your own personal email/notes name
4- Run agent. You will be mailed a text file containing the abbreviated names of everyone in your corporate NAB/domino directory who has a forwarding address, along with that address.
5 - Tweek the code as you wish to change the output method, send to a group, whatever. If you put this into the NAB itself, you can skip the bits about referencing a specific server, and just use set domdir = s.currentdatabase

Thanks to Bill Buchan for his great promotion of Lotusscript Lists which made this possible/easy.

Thanks to Stan Rogers who wrote a very similar agent that I used as a starting point:


How to find List of Users in the Na... (ac ac 30.Jan.07)
. . RE: How to find List of Users in th... (Kevin Pettitt 30.Jan.07)

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