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RE: folders on Mail database after upgrade to notes 7
Charles E. Robinson 18.Sep.06 08:52 PM a Web browser
Notes Client 7.0.1 Windows XP

If there is no template specified for the mail database when the folder is created the prohibit design refresh flag will not be set. I struggled with this for years, then finally created the code below. This will go through your Domino Directory and access every mail file and see if the folders and views in it exist in the template, and update prohibit design refresh flag accordingly. I used this on my own domain before upgrading to ND6 and 6.5 and nobody lost any folders. I'll be running it again before I upgrade to R7. I hope this helps... actually, I should blog this. :)

Sub Initialize
'*** January 21, 2005 - Charles Robinson
'*** Set the Prohibit Design Refresh flag on all non-template views and folders
'*** to prevent a design refresh from overwriting user-created folders
On Error Goto ErrTrap
Dim nLog As NotesLog
Set nLog = New NotesLog("Set Prohibit Design Refresh for Mail")
Call nLog.OpenAgentLog

Dim nSession As NotesSession
Dim nDBNAB As NotesDatabase
Dim nDBMail As NotesDatabase
Dim nDBNTF As NotesDatabase
Dim nVW As NotesView
Dim nDoc As NotesDocument
Dim nDCPeople As NotesDocumentCollection

Set nSession = New NotesSession
Set nDBNTF = nSession.GetDatabase("mail/wmbird", "wmbinot6.ntf", False)
Set nDBNAB = nSession.GetDatabase("mail/wmbird", "names.nsf", False)

Set nDCPeople = nDBNAB.Search({Form = "Person"}, Nothing, 0)
Set nDoc = nDCPeople.GetFirstDocument
Do Until nDoc Is Nothing
Set nDBMail = nSession.GetDatabase("mail/wmbird", nDoc.MailFile(0), False)
If Not nDBMail Is Nothing Then
Forall vw In nDBMail.Views
'See if the view in the mail file exists in the template
Set nVW = nDBNTF.GetView(vw.Name)
'If not set the prohibitdesignrefresh flag
vw.IsProhibitDesignRefresh = (nVW Is Nothing)
End Forall
End If
Set nDoc = nDCPeople.GetNextDocument(nDoc)

Set nVW = Nothing
Set nDBNAB = Nothing
Set nDBNTF = Nothing
Set nDBMail = Nothing
Set nDCPeople = Nothing
Set nSession = Nothing

Exit Sub

Call nLog.LogError(Err, "Unable to modify database " & nDoc.MailFile(0))
'This is necessary to prevent logging an error for every folder and overflowing the agent log
Resume GetNextDoc
End Sub

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