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Hide details for Dick AnnicchiaricoDick Annicchiarico
Hide details for 21.Dec.0621.Dec.06
RE: hitting rich text limit importing dxl
Hide details for 1.Nov.061.Nov.06
DXL view selection formula problem is fixed in 7.03 and 8.0
Hide details for 25.Oct.0625.Oct.06
RE: information-stream without integrity is worthless
Hide details for 28.Sep.0628.Sep.06
RE: Trying to attach file via Java API call
Hide details for 21.Sep.0621.Sep.06
RE: Rich Text contents make the computer crash
The reason DXL doesn't do signatures is...
Hide details for 18.Sep.0618.Sep.06
It's possible in a brute-force way
Hide details for 13.Sep.0613.Sep.06
It's not easy
Hide details for 11.Sep.0611.Sep.06
Development is looking into this problem
Hide details for 21.Aug.0621.Aug.06
<fileresource> is in DXL beginning in 7.02
Richtext DXL-to-HTML
Hide details for 29.Jun.0629.Jun.06
Parser doesn't know whether the text content is significant
hmmm... I could not reproduce
a variation of Andre's approach
Hide details for 21.Jun.0621.Jun.06
RE: DXL exporter operation failed
DXL has a <popup> element
RE: DXL Importer Bug - Button's Click Event coming double
Hide details for 15.May.0615.May.06
RE: Busytime details Information C API
Hide details for 8.May.068.May.06
RE: *Thanks! Do you know if there is a cost/problem with using MEM_SHARE all the time?
Hide details for 5.May.065.May.06
RE: Memory allocation and the C API: Answers or even hypothoses
Hide details for 20.Apr.0620.Apr.06
RE: Java Agents Hang When 2+ Users Run At Same Time
Hide details for 17.Mar.0617.Mar.06
encoding is optional
Hard to tell where the problem lies from the information provided
It's normal, the NotesDXLExporter inserts newlines
KCAR6C3N46: NotesDXLExporter.ConvertNotesbitmapsToGIF does not function properly if "display images after loading" property is set.
Hide details for 28.Nov.0528.Nov.05
RE: On backward compatibility
Hide details for 23.Nov.0523.Nov.05
Good tip, but be careful...
RE: Support for the xml-stylesheet processing instruction
On backward compatibility
Hide details for 4.Nov.054.Nov.05
RE: DXLExporter - not working
Hide details for 3.Nov.053.Nov.05
RE: There are many Notes to PDF products out there that may help. Shame they are not continuing to use Notes clients though.
RE: cellborderstyle attribute
Hide details for 17.Oct.0517.Oct.05
Another mini-poll on ?ReadViewEntries (?SearchViewEntries, ?ReadDXL, etc.)
Hide details for 10.Oct.0510.Oct.05
There's also NSFNoteSignHotspots (in 6.53 and up)
RE: Support for the xml-stylesheet processing instruction
Hide details for 7.Oct.057.Oct.05
RE: DXL Import performance for tables is MUCH improved in 7.0
Please report the problem(s) officially
RE: Support for the xml-stylesheet processing instruction
Hide details for 6.Oct.056.Oct.05
RE: Full &RestrictToCategory support - anyone else?
RE: What XML/DXL features would you like to see post-7.0?
Hide details for 5.Oct.055.Oct.05
RE: DXL export crashes only on compressed attachments
DXL Import performance for tables is MUCH improved in 7.0
Possible workaround
RE: Full &RestrictToCategory support - anyone else?
RE: What XML/DXL features would you like to see post-7.0?
Hide details for 16.Sep.0516.Sep.05
RE: Is there a way to center graphics using script?
<break/> represents a "hard line break" (Shift-Enter) in richtext
several DXL attachment problems have been fixed recently
Hide details for 25.Aug.0525.Aug.05
Seeking feedback on what you would like to see presented in the DXL/XML areas at Lotusphere '06 <eom>
Hide details for 22.Aug.0522.Aug.05
Fixed in 6.5.5 and 7.0
Hide details for 9.Aug.059.Aug.05
appears to be a bug
Hide details for 29.Jul.0529.Jul.05
Ben is correct
Exporter Output Filtering - does this pique any interest?
Hide details for 28.Jul.0528.Jul.05
RE: Re: Just to be sure...
Hide details for 27.Jul.0527.Jul.05
Just to be sure...
Hide details for 26.Jul.0526.Jul.05
The detail is awesome
Hide details for 25.Jul.0525.Jul.05
What XML/DXL features would you like to see post-7.0?
Hide details for 21.Jul.0521.Jul.05
Some partial answers from development
wish I had mentioned it before, wish it was better documented
Hide details for 11.Jul.0511.Jul.05
little-known DXL feature - key attribute
Hide details for 7.Jul.057.Jul.05
A couple of embarassing situations
Show details for 13.Jun.0513.Jun.05

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