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Nguyen Ho Minh Huy 29.Mar.07 12:40 AM a Web browser
Domino Server 6.0.2 Windows 2003

Dear all,

Now, I'm using Domino Server ver 6.0.2 on Windows 2003.
I've created the group "ckda_allstaff" on Domino , this groups contain all staff of my company

When my company has a staff to leave, he send mail to every body to good bye first, ususally this email has subject :"chia tay or tam biet.."

Then, Some users at my company to reply this above email therefore , this "reply above email" has the subjects "Re:tam biet or chia tay", and reply to all of other staff with address "ckda_allstaff"
But my director don't want these above "reply mail" sent to everybody "ckda_allstaff" but he want "reply mail" still sent to "person who will leave my company",
so that I think two solutions to resolve this request:

1. First Solutions: create a rule mail server on Domino Admin at tab "configuration"->Messaging->configurations , in tab "router/SMTP"->"restrictions and controls->rules" to block "reply email with subject contains "re:tam biet or re:chia tay,..etc"
, but I don't find the action "not to send the email address that i want-for example my boss don't want this email sent to "ckda_allstaff" , only sent to the email address person that will leave my company? please help me to create this rule with this condition?

2. Second Solution: I need to create the rule on Domino Admin to block "this reply emails" with action "not to delivery" (not to send ckda_allstaff and this person who leave my company), but I need to create a mail sent automatically to these persons person who sent "the reply mail" with this subject "please don't send this email to ckda_allstaff and send only to this person who leave my company"? I don't know how to create the mail to send automaticaly to these person sent "reply mail"

Any body how to know my two solutions or the other best solution to resolve my request, will help me !

Thanks you very much,

create new rules for only send to "... (Nguyen Ho Minh ... 29.Mar.07)
. . create new rules or srcirpt for not... (Nguyen Ho Minh ... 2.Apr.07)

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