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Jason Sas 12.Jan.09 08:07 PM a Web browser
Domino Designer 6.5.6; 6.5.5 FP3; 6.5.5 FP2; 6.5.5 FP1; 6.5.5; 6.5.4 FP3; 6.5.4 FP2; 6.5.4 FP1; 6.5.4; 6.5.3 FP2; 6.5.3 FP1; 6.5.3; 6.5.2 FP1; 6.5.2; 6.5.1; 6.5 Windows XP


I am trying to write a string to a richtext field on a ui document but am having trouble getting it to display (see example code below). AFter the document is created and is presented to the user, there are 2 "Recommendation" fields that appear in the properties of the document, but the text I want to set doesn't display in the recommendation field that shows on the screen. When I close the document, it goes back to showing only 1 recommendation field in the properties of the document but with no values in it. I basically just want to set some text in the field and show it to the user. Can anyone help??

Set newrespUIDoc = workspace.ComposeDocument( "", "", "SRLADoc" )

Call newrespUIDoc.FieldSetText("Version", "0")
Set lookupView = thisDb.GetView("(Administration)")
Set lookupDoc = lookupView.GetFirstDocument
sDbLocation = lookupDoc.CabNetDatabase(0)
sDbServer = lookupdoc.CabNetServer(0)

'need to find out what the portfolio is
submissionid = thisDoc.SUBMISSIONDOCID(0)
Set sDb = New NotesDatabase(sDbServer, sDbLocation)
Set sDoc = sDb.GetDocumentByUNID( submissionid )

Forall v In sDoc.Portfolios
portfolioList = portfolioList+";"+v
End Forall
Call newrespUIDoc.FieldSetText("Minister", portfolioList)

Forall x In thisDoc.LeadBriefingOfficer
LeadBriefingOfficerList = LeadBriefingOfficerList+";"+x
End Forall
Call newrespUIDoc.FieldSetText("BriefOfficer", LeadBriefingOfficerList)

Call newrespUIDoc.FieldSetText("thisDate", Cstr(Today))
Call newrespUIDoc.FieldSetText("ParentDocUniqueID", thisDoc.UniversalID)
Call newrespUIDoc.FieldSetText("OriginalCreator", Session.UserName)

Dim recommendationstring As String

recommendationstring = "Proceed to the Cabinet Meeting of / / ." + Chr(13) + Chr(13)
recommendationstring = recommendationstring + "Refer to Cabinet Committee" + Chr(13) + Chr(13)
recommendationstring = recommendationstring + "Further consultation required" + Chr(13) + Chr(13)
recommendationstring = recommendationstring + "Further work on the proposal or presentation of the submission is required" + Chr(13) + Chr(13)

Dim rtbody As NotesRichTextItem

Call newrespUidoc.Refresh(True)
Set newrespdoc = newrespuidoc.Document
Set RTBody = newrespDoc.GetFirstItem("Recommendation")


If Not (thisDoc.SubmissionCategory(0) = "Appointments") Then
Call newrespUIDoc.FieldSetText("T2", "True")
End If

Call CopySecurityLists(thisDoc, thisDoc)

Call newrespUIDoc.Save



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