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Sue Z Sunshine 29.Nov.16 11:31 AM a Web browser
Notes Client All Releases All Platforms

I have a form with a "Save & Mail" action with the code below. Users are receiving the "Error 4295 on line 49 in function SENDMAIL: Unable to send mail, multiple matches found in Name & Address Book(s)

I am looking to see if someone can help revise the code?

If ValidateTaskFields( uidoc , doc.Type(0), doc.GetFirstItem("Assignee") ) = True Then
'we can open the mail dialog and send the mail
Call SendMail(uidoc, inputtxt, SaveAndMailRecipients)
'stop here if user cancelled or entered no names in the SendMail routine
If SaveAndMailRecipients = "Cancelled" Then Exit Sub
'otherwise, pass the "sent to" line to QuerySave using the SendMailOutput field
Call uidoc.FieldSetText("SendMailOutput", SaveAndMailRecipients)
Call uidoc.Refresh
Call uidoc.Save

Option Public
Option Declare
Use "OpenLogFunctions"
Use "LS.utilities.BE.6.Extended.Database"
Sub Initialize
'Save & Mail. Send email notification with doclink to designated individuals.
Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim workspace As New NotesUIWorkspace
Dim uidoc As NotesUIDocument
Dim newDoc As NotesDocument ' the mail message
Dim rtitem As NotesRichTextItem
Dim doc As NotesDocument ' the current document to which the link points
Dim recipients( 1 To 3 ) As String
Dim SaveAndMailRecipients As String
Dim fname As String
Dim label As String
Dim bodytext As String
Dim picklist As Variant
Dim continue As Variant
Dim inputtxt As String
Dim X As Variant
Dim TypeTask As String
Dim itemInput As NotesItem
Dim itemAssignee As NotesItem
Dim user As String
Dim whstring As String
Dim dateTime As New NotesDateTime( "" )

Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
Set uidoc = workspace.CurrentDocument
Set doc = uidoc.Document

Set itemInput = doc.GetFirstItem( "Input" )
Call uidoc.Refresh
Call uidoc.Save
user = session.CommonUserName
Call dateTime.SetNow

TypeTask = uidoc.FieldGetText("Type")
Set itemAssignee = doc.GetFirstItem( "Assignee" )
If ValidateTaskFields(uidoc, TypeTask, itemAssignee ) = False Then
continue = False
Exit Sub ' we don't want to proceed further if field validation fails
Else ' proceed with mail send dialog
If workspace.DialogBox("DialogSaveAndMail", True, True, False, False, False, False, "Save & Mail to...", , True) Then

If ( itemInput.text <> "" ) Then
doc.WorkHistoryText = dateTime.LSLocalTime & " -- " & user & SaveAndMailRecipients & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & itemInput.text
doc.InputHistory = doc.InputHistory(0) & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & doc.WorkHistoryText(0) & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & "_____________________________________" & Chr(13) & Chr(10)
doc.Input = ""
SaveAndMailRecipients = ""
If SaveAndMailRecipients = "" Then
doc.InputHistory = doc.InputHistory(0)
whstring = dateTime.LSLocalTime & " -- " & user & SaveAndMailRecipients
doc.InputHistory = doc.InputHistory(0) & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & whstring & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & "_____________________________________" & Chr(13) & Chr(10)
doc.Input = ""
SaveAndMailRecipients = ""
End If
End If

Set newDoc = New NotesDocument( db )
Set rtitem = New NotesRichTextItem( newDoc, "Body" )

label = db.Title & ": " & doc.Type( 0 ) & " # " & doc.PMISTask( 0 )
newDoc.SendTo = doc.SaveAndMailTo
newDoc.Subject = label & " (" & Left$(doc.Description(0), 100) & "... )"

bodytext = label 'could include more info from Task doc here if we wanted, someday

Call rtitem.AppendText( label & " --> ")
Call rtitem.AppendDocLink( doc, label )

'capture who sent to and add to Work History in QuerySave
SaveAndMailRecipients = " (sent to: " & Implode(doc.SaveAndMailTo, ", ") & ")"

Call newDoc.Send( False )
'If user has [HelpDesk] role, don't show msgbox
X = Evaluate( | @IsMember("[HelpDesk]" ; @UserRoles) |, doc )
If X(0) <> 1 Then
Msgbox "Message Sent to: " & Implode(doc.SaveAndMailTo, ", ") & ".", 64, "Save & Mail"
End If
doc.SaveAndMailToChecked = "" 'from dialog box
doc.SaveAndMailToAnyone = "" 'from dialog box
Call LogEvent("Message sent: " + label, SEVERITY_LOW, Nothing)
Call doc.Save(True,True,True)

'If user has [TaskTimeLog] role, open a new Time Log document
X = Evaluate( | @IsMember("[TaskTimeLog]" ; @UserRoles) |, doc )
If X(0) = 1 Then
If ValidateForTimeLog(uidoc) Then
Call NewTimeLog(uidoc, itemInput.text)
End If
End If

Call uidoc.Close
End If
End If
End Sub

Thanks in advance!!

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