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IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 Forum (includes Lotus Notes Traveler)

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Subject: Sending mail from vba excel through lotus notes 8.5
Feedback Type: Problem
Product Area: Notes Client
Technical Area: Application Development
Platform: Windows
Release: 8.5
Reproducible: Always

Dear all,
I am trying to send link in lotus notes mail. but I am not able to do it. lotus notes mail format should be html. kindly go through this code. This code works fine in vba excel. I am not that expert in lotus programming so not able to get required code on net.

' Notes variables
Set s = CreateObject("Notes.NotesSession")
Set db = s.CurrentDatabase
Set stream = s.CreateStream

' Turn off auto conversion to rtf

s.ConvertMIME = False

' Create message
Set message1 = db.CreateDocument
message1.Form = "Memo"
Set body = message1.CreateMIMEEntity
Set header = body.CreateHeader("Subject")

Call header.SetHeaderVal("Testing, kindly delete the message")

message1.Subject = (" New business updates for date " & day1 & "-" & MonthName(month1) & "-" & year1)

Set header = body.CreateHeader("To")

Call header.SetHeaderVal(ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Main").Cells(9, 16358).Value)

Set header = body.CreateHeader("cc")

Call header.SetHeaderVal(ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Main").Cells(8, 16358).Value)

' Create the body to hold HTML and attachment
link1 = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Main").Cells(y, 57).Value

'Child mime entity which is going to contain the HTML which we put in the stream

Set bodyChild = body.CreateChildEntity()

Call stream.WriteText("<HTML>")
Call stream.WriteText("Dear,")
Call stream.WriteText("<br>")
Call stream.WriteText("<tr>")
Call stream.WriteText("<td>Kindly find link to your file updated with information for new business updates for date " & day1 & "-" & month1 & "-" & year1 & "</td>")

'Call stream.WriteText("<td>" & ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Main").Cells(y, 57).Value & "</td>") ; need code here, the cell reference contain link to other excel file

Call stream.WriteText(link1)
Call stream.WriteText("<br>")
Call stream.WriteText("<br>")
Call stream.WriteText("</tr>")
Call stream.WriteText("</HTML>")

Call bodyChild.SetContentFromText (stream, "text/HTML;charset=UTF-8", ENC_IDENTITY_7BIT)

message1.SaveMessageOnSend = True

'Send the email
Call message1.Send(False)
s.ConvertMIME = True ' Restore conversion

Feedback number WEBB9BVJNE created by abhijit kadam on 09/25/2013

Status: Open

Sending mail from vba excel through... (abhijit kadam 25.Sep.13)
. . Where/how does the code fail? (Doug Finner 25.Sep.13)


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