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IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 Forum (includes Lotus Notes Traveler)

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Subject: Why is "Open in a new window" gone, but help opens in a new window?
Feedback Type: Question
Product Area: Notes Client
Technical Area: Functionality
Platform: Windows XP client
Release: 8.5
Reproducible: Always

- Prior to R8.5, "Open in a new window" was an available menu selection on a Workspace icon. Now that's gone, more's the pity. Worse, there appears to be no way to open "Applications" in a new window, period. Not from the tab, not from the icon, not from the big happy "Open" button, nowhere. It's like that functionality was callously ripped out as unimportant.
- Yet when I double-click the Designer 8.5 Help icon on the Workspace, it opens a new window *by default*, and in fact it can *not* be opened in the "same window". So this functionality was not actually callously ripped out, it was simply hidden.

- I would like to know why it was hidden, and if there is any intent to unhide it?

- I'm not saying open in a new window should be the default, I'm saying it should be *available* for those of us who like it, and preferably be settable as a default. I enjoy the ability to have different window sizes and dimensions for each "application", rather than being forced to cram everything into some "one size fits all" model. One size *never* fits all, anywhere, including Notes databases.

- I see I can tell it to open *documents* in a new window, which is something, but I want to open *applications* in a new window, just like help does, and show all documents for that application in tabs in *THAT* application's separate window. This used to work, and still does for the Help database(s), and only the Help database(s) that I can see.
- Additionally, when I set it to open *documents* in a new window, it changes how *tabs* work. Instead of an 'x' on each tab, there's a big happy red 'x' to the far right that applies to the selected tab. This is bizarre; not that one "x" applies to all, that's pretty neat, but that changing the document open method changes the tab UI.

- I try very hard not to post duplicate threads, performing many different searches of the forum beforehand. In this instance I thought it important for Lotus to get "fresh" input as a new topic, from someone newly exposed to R8. If this is inappropriate I apologize in advance.

- Thanks for your time...

- Until R8.5 I never opened an application in the same window as the Workspace. I miss the fact that in R4 I could set this to be the *default* behaviour, so all icons would always launch in a new window. Not only that, but in R4 each window would *remember* its size and position, so each time I opened a database it was just how I left it.
- In R5, when the pathetically annoying "bookmarks" appeared, this default was removed, but at least I could still right-click and do the same thing. However *nothing* remembered its size or position any longer ... each "new window" was the same size as the Workspace, overlaying it offset slighly. So while I could open in a new window, each and every time I did that I had to resize and reposition that new window as it was when I closed it. But at least it was *possible*.
- Now it's utterly impossible for me to control how databases open, even though the code for that is obviously still present.

Feedback number WEBB7S7MLD created by David Gilmore on 05/19/2009

Status: Open

Why is "Open in a new window" gone,... (David Gilmore 19.May.09)
. . Functionality will be back in 8.5.1... (Jenifer P. Kidd... 19.May.09)
. . . . Good to know it's returning... (David Gilmore 20.May.09)
. . . . Can you cap the number of documents... (Dennis Sullivan... 8.Jun.11)
. . . . . . If this is done make it a setting..... (David Gilmore 8.Jun.11)


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