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IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 Forum (includes Lotus Notes Traveler)

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Subject: XPages discussion database: "Command Not Handled Exception"
Feedback Type: Problem
Product Area: Domino Server
Technical Area: Error Message
Platform: Windows 2003 server
Release: 8.5
Reproducible: Always

I have run into a serious issue when using the new 8.5 discussion database based on XPages.

I am running 8.5 HF1 on Windows 2003 Server R2 Service Pack 1 (32-bit)

1) Create a new discussion template
2) Access it with a web browser
3) Open new topic and attach a file (at this point the attachment is still accessible)
4) Save the new topic
5) Try to open the attachment (no matter the filetype) the following error occurs:

06.02.2009 00:47:48 HTTP JVM: SEVERE: CLFAD####E: Exception thrown
06.02.2009 00:47:48 HTTP JVM: SEVERE: CLFAD####E: Exception occurred servicing request for: /mediagor/forum.nsf/xsp/.ibmmodres/domino/OpenAttachment/forum.nsf/78E9EDD3481D80AFC1257554007FE1F9/Body/abc.txt - HTTP Code: 500
06.02.2009 00:47:49 HTTP Web Server: Command Not Handled Exception [/mediagor/forum.nsf/xsp/.ibmmodres/domino/OpenAttachment/forum.nsf/78E9EDD3481D80AFC1257554007FE1F9/Body/abc.txt]

Then I tried to access the file the old fashion way and this came up:

06.02.2009 00:56:38 HTTP Web Server: Corrupt Data Exception [/mediagor/forum.nsf/0/78E9EDD3481D80AFC1257554007FE1F9/Body/abc.txt]

I still wasn't convinced because the attachment was opening just fine in the Lotus Notes client, so I tried:


and it worked just fine... I don't know why?

This happens with every database and every file I try to attach.

I also tried a clean install of the server but it didn't help much (I thought it was caused by upgrading from 8.0.1 to 8.5b2 and then 8.5 HF1)
And I checked and double checked the security settings.

Is there any way to get a better error message?


Feedback number WEBB7NYW4A created by Janko Stefancic on 02/05/2009

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